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How to apply?

Before applying for admission as an Erasmus student:
• Please ensure that your university has an Erasmus bilateral agreement with Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (P Coimbra 02);
• Please ensure that you have been nominated by your institution to participate in the exchange.

Erasmus students can apply by downloading the application form and the learning agreement.
If you wish to apply for a place in our students’ residence, please look at the information regarding IPC social welfare services and fill the application.
Submit the application by post to the college you wish to come (see contacts).
Please note the deadlines for receipt of applications as follows:
15 July: for admission in the first semester and whole academic year;
30 December: for admission in the second semester.



Coimbra College of Agriculture

Coimbra College of Education

Coimbra College of Health Technology

Oliveira do Hospital College of Technology and Management

Coimbra Institute of Accounting and Administration

Coimbra Institute of Engineering

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Application form

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Information regarding IPC social welfare services

 Application form for IPC student residences